My Summer Vacation

August 21, 2017

Summer fun is over. Teachers, students, and SLPs are heading back to school and this year I'm ready for it. I made the most of my summer this year because last year I missed it by working too much.  I lost my balance between work life and social life.  I vowed I'd not do that this year.  I took time for friends and family and for work.

I entertained my friends and family as house guests over the summer and got to experience so many fun things.  And surprisingly was still productive at work!  Let me share my summer with you through pictures!

And that wasn't all, I did some day trips, too!  It has been so fun!


I got several new resources made, too!




I am so happy that I didn't lose my summer like I did last year and that I found a good balance between work and play!

Share your summer with me!


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