About Me

Hello. I’m Dean Trout.

Yes, everyone thinks I’m a guy because of the name, but in truth, the full name is Wilma Dean Trout.  I have been called by my middle name my whole life, so “Dean” is who I am.

This is what you should know about me:

I retired after 35 years in the field because I couldn’t be perky anymore and getting off the floor in preschool was embarrassing. I worked for 31 years as a Speech Therapist in the public school system and for 4 years co-owned and operated a speech clinic with my BFF.  

That same BFF and I started another venture in 2007 called 2 Gals Speech Products, LLC.  We created software, speech workbooks, articulation cards, and several games for use in therapy.  We spoke at speech conferences in KY, Ohio, and WV. Perhaps you saw us there or followed me on our previous blog “2 Gals Talk…about Speech Therapy.”  Or you might have read one of my articles that have been published or mentioned in the ASHALeader.  I’ve been around quite a while, so chances are we may have met.

Today I am still at it. I create tangible things for the SLP that I sell in my Etsy store and I create digital downloads for you in my TpT store. Both stores have the same name Dean Trout’s Little Shop of SLP

I am glad you are here and hope you will hang around and learn from me and my years of experience.

For you who are new to the field of SLP, I want to give tips and tricks to make your therapy more effective. I will share ideas and ways to make your therapy fun for your students. 

For you more mature SLPs I want you to feel comfortable with technology and social media.  I'll show you how you can incorporate technology into your lesson plans. I'll introduce you to the how-tos of using your computer.  I hope to share with you what’s new and trendy in the field, too. 

And finally,  I want to give everyone a heads up when I create new things and I want to share some freebies.  I want to take this opportunity to explain how to use my resources effectively and creatively in the classroom.

I am very approachable so don’t be afraid to chat with me or reach out when you have a problem!

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