HAPPY NEW YEAR! Planning for 2017

January 1, 2017

2017 came quickly and I wasn't ready!

I feel the same way about Christmas.  I just wasn't ready, but it came anyway and I had a great Holiday ... ready or not!

My New Year's Eve plans were thwarted by a stomach bug, so I spent the evening working on my planner for the coming year.  My focus was on organizing my sections to fit my needs better.  I spent time browsing Etsy to find printable pages to increase my productivity.  I found some wonderful things for blogging, social media, and tracking my daily habits such as exercise, drinking more water, and Bible study. I printed pages upon pages, cut them to fit my planner, punched holes, and put them in my disk binder.


I get so overwhelmed by all the things I need to do that I simply shut down and don't do anything.  Are you like that?  The action I plan to take to overcome that feeling is to try to make goals for the year, break them down into quarters, then break down the goals into months, then action steps for the weeks.

Sounds like a good plan.

That's going to take some time and thought but I really think I will be much more productive by doing it.  It will be a great way for me to stay FOCUSED.  I tend to hop like a flea from one task to another and never get anything accomplished.

I have not made resolutions for the year because I don't keep them.  Instead, I will create goals that I can achieve methodically.  Small steps to that larger goal.  My problem is going to be limiting my goals for the year.  I try to eat too many elephants at once.

My Etsy was my focus last semester and I did achieve many goals with it.  Thank you to all who supported my little shop there!  But this semester, my focus will be my TpT.  Don't worry my Etsy will still be open!

Speaking of Etsy, I am wanting to kickstart your year off on the right foot by offering a sale on my planner accessories from today through Jan 5th. Check it out and get yourself motivated to accomplish great things in 2017!

My store here. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DeanTrout

Don't forget to use the code PLAN2017 when you check out!

One of my main goals for 2017 is to bring you great content with my blog, so be sure you are following me here or on social media so you won't miss a thing!

Here's to a great New Year!


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